Nodal Centre Approval Details

ECE Department was recognized as a Nodal Research Center in the academic year 2010-2011 by Anna University.

Faculty Members with Supervisorship

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Nodal Center – Registered Candidates Details

S.No.Name of scholarsMonth & Year of RegistrationFull Time/ Part TimeAffiliationResearch AreaStatus
1S.Sridharan2009Part Time Easwari Engineering collegeElectrical MachinesThesis submitted
2D.Indhumathy2014Part TimeRajalakshmi engineering CollegeMedical ImagingCourse work completed
3P.Meenkshi Vidya2014Part TimeEaswari Engg CollegeVLSIconfirmation completed
4B.Arivuselvam2014Part TimeEaswari Engg CollegeMedical ImagingCourse work completed
5K.Ramesh2013Full TimeNAMedical ImagingCourse work completed
6S.Vanitha Lakshmi2014Part TimeSA Engg CollegeMedical Imagingconfirmation completed
7Anandhi2014Part TimeEaswari Engg CollegeWireless NetworkCompleted
8S.Jayakumar2014Part TimeSai Ram Engg CollegeMedical Imagingconfirmation completed
9C.Priya2015Part TImeSyed Ammal Engg CollegeMedical ImagingCourse work completed
10S.Vidhyalakshmi2015Part TimeAnandh Institute of TechMedical ImagingCourse work completed
11S.Kumudha2016Part TimeSyed Ammal Engg CollegeWireless NetworkCourse work completed

Nodal Center – Registered Candidates Details (Only in Anna University)

Supervisor NameSupervisor NumberDesignation Department Contact no.
Dr.D.Sivakumar2340346ProfessorElectronics and Communication9445578090 & 9659954347
Sl.No.Candidate NameReg.No.College AddressPh.D / M.SFull Time / Part TimeYear of RegistrationArea of ResearchStatusCandidate Contact No.
1V.Murugan2010S4012007CK College of Engineering and Technology,CuddalorePh.D Part Time2010-OctOFDMProvisional Registration confirmed9486535002
2C.Srivenkateshwaran2010S4032003CK College of Engineering and Technology,CuddalorePh.D Part Time2010-OctWSNProvisional Registration confirmed9345452683
3S.Mohanarangan2011114131Arunai College of Engineering, Thiruvannamalai Ph.D Part Time2011-JanWireless mobile AD-HOC NetworksProvisional Registration confirmed9787074357
4N.Legapriyadharshini,2011176031Adhiparasakthi Engineering College,Ph.D Part Time2011-JulyWSNProvisional Registration confirmed7502848488
5B.Suseela, 20114012007Government Polytechnic College, KeelakanavaiPh.D Part Time2011-Augcognitive Radio NetworksProvisional Registration confirmed9962488005
6J.P Vidhya1224499815SKP Engineering College, ThiruvannamalaiPh.D Part Time2012Wireless Power SystemsProvisional Registration confirmed9486139565
7T.N Suresh Babu1414399778Adhiparasakthi Engineering College, MelmaruvathurPh.D Part Time2014AntennaCourse work progress9600867139
8R. Radhakrishnan1514719796SRM Easwari Engineering College, ChennaiPh.D Full Time2015Big Data AnalyticsCourse work progress9840175252
9S. Nandhini17234997590Jeppiar Engineering collegePhDPart time2017Image processing and networkCourse work9841781272

Faculty Pursuing Ph.D

Mrs.A.Usha Assistant Professor(Sl.Gr) Ph.D Anna University, Chennai Conformation Over
Mr.A.Ponraj Assistant Professor Ph.D Anna University, Chennai Conformation Over
Mr.B.Arivuselvam Assistant Professor Ph.D Anna University, Chennai Conformation Over
Mrs.R.Hema Assistant Professor Ph.D Anna University, Chennai Conformation Over
Mr.M.Kamarajan Assistant Professor Ph.D Anna University, Chennai Conformation Over
Mrs.K.Abirami Assistant Professor(Sr.Gr) Ph.D Anna University, Chennai Conformation Over
Ms.Uma Maheswari S Assistant Professor(Sr.Gr) Ph.D Anna University, Chennai Conformation Over
Mr.M.Premanand Assistant Professor Ph.D Anna University, Chennai Doing Course Work
Mrs,Bindubabu Assistant Professor Ph.D Anna University, Chennai Doing Course Work

MOUS Signed

Sl. No.Name of the companyMOU signed datePurpose
1Signals and Systems India PrivateLltd10/07/2018Inplant Training, Guest lecture
2Sansbound Solutions Private ltd10/07/2018Internship, Guest Lecture, Inplant training
3Levergent Technologies India private limited05/08/2016Inplant Training, Industrial visit
4VI Solutions Pvt. Ltd.17/07/2013Lab View Training, Seminar and Workshop
5UTL Technologies Ltd.16/06/2011Industrial Training, Industrial Visit, Seminars and provide a support for the execution of project work to students
6Tessolve Services Pvt. Ltd.05/04/ 2011Industrial visit, Training ,Seminar and Project work
7NI systems India Pvt Ltd20/12/2007Support for the execution of Project work
8Orbit Controls and Services20/12/2007To provide solution for the complex engineering need of industries and to also offer in plant training to the students
9APLAB Ltd.19/12/2007To provide opportunities for the students to work with the technology available at APLAB ltd. Industrial visit and project work can also be carried out
10Accent E Technology14/08/2007For training the faculty and students in Embedded software design and Development
11Aplab Ltd.14/06/2007Training for DSP/Embedded Systems
12Reguram Associates11/07/2007For expertise training in MATLAB S/W in DSP/VLSI and Image processing
13True Power Solutions9/02/2004Establishing training and Consultancy in Power Electronics
14I-Logics17/02/2004For real time system design with firmware and embedded system
15VDesign Training and Placement Centre11/02/2004To provide consultancy services
16COM Consultant Services5/02/2004For Establishing Training in Telecommunication and Networking
17Sands Instruments Pvt. Ltd.25/12/2002For establishing Training and research in Embedded system
18Vi Micro Systems25/12/2002Faculty and Students training for R&D work and training in core areas DSP/ Microcontroller / VLSI /Image Processing
19Innovators India Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd.24/12/2002For Embedded and Network Solutions
20Sofil Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.30/11/2002For executing industrial software oriented projects

Funded Research Projects

1RPSReal Time Transformation of scanned images to Text formatDr.K.S.SrinivasanAICTE7000002010-11Completed
2MODROBModernization of Electronic System Design Lab with NIELVIS hardwareDr.K.S.SrinivasanAICTE8000002010-11Completed
3DRDOAcquisition, Processing and Optimization of real time signals ,Images & videosDr.Saraswathi JanakiDRDO300002011-12Completed
4DST (TIDE)Smart home for elderly peopleP.I: Dr.D.Siva kumar/ECE Co P.I: Dr.G.R.SureshDST27000002015-2016Submitted
5DST (TIDE)Ontology adaptive learning system using real time application for differently abled personP.I: Dr.D.Siva kumar/ECE Co P.I: Dr.G.R.Suresh /ECEDST25000002015-2016Submitted
6DST (TIDE)Design and development of wearable device for assisting deaf- blind peopleP.I: Dr.S.Sudha/ECE Co P.I: MS.Vidhya lakshmi/ECEDST27000002015-2016Submitted
7DEITYCost effective test bed design for VOIP over WMN based architecture for future e-governance of Indian rural areasP.I: Dr.D.Siva kumar/ECE Co P.I: Dr.B.Dojohn LoydDeitY30280002015-2016Submitted
8AICT (RPS)Sudhaar bharat digital services in rural areas using TV- White space and PSTN digitalizationP.I: Dr.D.Siva kumar/ECEAICT9986892016-2017Submitted
9DHI (TPEM)Design and implementation of affordable cost urban traffic pattern mining using IOTP.I: Dr.D.Siva kumar/ECEDST29755002016-2017Submitted
10SERBDesign and implementation of sustainable broadband infrastructure for e-governance in Indian rural areas using UHF-TVP.I: Dr.D.Siva kumar/ECEDST (EMR)34336502016-2017Submitted
11Seminar GrantICT based Innovative Techniques for E-Learning Process P.I: R.Hema/ECE Co P.I: MS.N.Vidhya lakshmi /ECE1000002016-2017Submitted
12MODROBSModernization of Communication System Laboratory P.I: Dr.K.Rahimunnisa P.I: MS.B.Jesvin VeancyAICTE2000002016-2017Submitted
13FDPFDP on “Wireless Sensor Networks and Internet of Things P.I: Dr.K.Rahimunnisa/ECE Co P.I: Ms.R.Hema/ECEAICTE6500002016-2017Submitted
14SERBMonitoring & mitigation of crop damage by wild animals using wireless smart sensor network integrated in a mobile platform deployed in near by forest area villageMS.Vidhya lakshmi/ECE P.I: Dr.D.Siva kumar/ECEAICTE DST26960002017-2018Submitted

Consultancy Work

S.NoTitle of the ProjectName of the companyDurationAmount
1Coding Development for cognitive radio system S-GEN Energy and Infra Private Limited 2018-2019Rs.13,000 /-
Dr..D.Siva kumar
2Automated Remote Irrigation System using Wireless Sensor Networks.Welldone Ventures2012 -2014Rs. 1,40,000/-
Dr. Anita Titus and Team
3Unmanned Control Over Hoist System for Iron Ore Applications.Space Interio Decors2011 -2013Rs. 1,00,000/-
Dr.S.Sudha and Team
4VLSI Implementation of DCT Core for Medical Images.Pentagon Network Solutions2010 -2012Rs. 1,20,000/-
Mrs. D. Jessintha and Team

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