S. No Date of MoU signed Name of the Company Scope of MoU Starting date of MoU Ending Date of MoU Active or Not Outcome of MoU
1. 06-08-2020 Edgate Technologies PVT LTD Centre of Excellence, project 06-08-2020 Lifetime Active Establishment of Centre of Excellence Lab

MoU signing Ceremony

Easwari Engineering College (Autonomous) and Edgate Technologies PVT LTD

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized MoU signing ceremony through online Google Meet (due to COVID-19 pandemic situation) on 06-08-2020 at 3.00 to 4.30 PM. It was attended by 31 participants, including Dr. V. SubbiahBharati, Director, SRM Group of institutions, Dr. R. S. Kumar, Principal, Easwari Engineering College, Dr. V. Elango, VP (Academic), Dr. Devaraju, HOD/ECE, faculty members from various departments and delegates from Edgate Technologies: Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Director, Sandeep and PavanArigela (Field application Engineer). The objective of this MoU is to improve the industrial interaction of Department, initiate the Texas Instruments Innovation Centre Research Lab in our institution (Centre of Excellence). It aimed atestablishing a collaborative bridge between companies and college with the objective of making students have greater hands on experience in technologies related toUltra Low Power Applications, Embedded System (Real time system Design), Internet of Things (IOT) and Robotics Lab with Brain Wave Technology.

The program initiated with invocation and prayer songs, thereby welcome address given by HOD/ECE. The short introduction of Edgate Technology, Easwari Engineering College and Department of ECE were given by Dr. S. R. Sriram. The encouraging felicitation talk given by the Principal, explained about features and awards of our students and faculties of our institute. He encouraged doing the multidisciplinary research activities and asked to support Edgate Technology for the collaboration of inter-department based projects. He recommended our students to get internship from Edgate Technologies. It was followed by a detailed introduction about the Edgate Technologies given by Gurpreet Singh. It is an Embedded based company, which has around 2500 labs, 150 MoUs and 25 innovation centre in India. It is expected to get numerous project activities coming out of the innovation centre, technical team support through online activities, internship etc. TI is a world leader in analog, DSP and IOT devices, got around 1 lakh product under their portfolio, and 20,000 companies in India use TI sensors. Nowadays, TI looking to shift from China to India to start a manufacturing unit,which would possibly provide job opportunities to students from India. Then Principal explained about the PRIDE process (Project, research, internship, design and Enter) with 4000 students involving in these activities. Thus he assured about doing many projects from this innovation centre and it is need of expert advice from Edgate Technology. Mr. Gurpreet Singh then introduced about the scheme from which a project team in our college could order ICs from TI website at free of cost. The details of products, equipment and technical support to be provided in the innovation centre were explained by one of the delegates (Mr. Sandeep). The innovation centre is a multidisciplinary research lab that benefits the Department of ECE, Telecommunication, EEE, EIE, CSE, IT, Mechatronics etc. The presidential address was given by Director, he appreciated ECE department for bringing the very impressive MoU and this would bring lot of changes in department in terms of quality, research and academic activities and encompasses almost everything. He expectsthe department to develop as a nodalcentre doing lot of activities extending to neighboring colleges inviting for training, workshop, with technical support from the company. Director congratulated Principal, HOD/ECE and all faculties from ECE department. The meeting concluded with the identification of follow-up activity to make a legalMoUdocumentto be signed by both Easwari Engineering College and Edgate Technologies. Finally, the Vote of thanks given by Dr. S. Sudha from department of ECE. In the end, the participants discussed and prepared a workplan for establishing the innovation centre.