IETE Student Forum Workshop

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A One-day workshop on “PCB DESIGNING” was held on 10th April 2016 which was organized by The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers Student Forum (ISF) of Easwari Engineering College in association with Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in Easwari Engineering College, Ramapuram, Chennai.

ECE has become inevitable for the growth and development of new and emerging scenarios of Engineering Sciences. The goal of this workshop is to take students through the process of making multi layered Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and to make students expert in creating schematics and designing their own two layered PCB board which would be very useful for developing their own projects.ECE is core facet for all engineering disciplines. To uplift interest of academicians to choose a prolific path of Engineering through a robust staircase of ECE we have given this workshop as a remedy.

The workshop began at 10.00 am with a short introduction on microcontrollers and Web services. The participants were very much interested to know about these boards and also the process of making those multi layered boards. Basics on how to use advanced micro controller boards like Intel Edison, raspberry pi-2, Atmel SAMD21, Arduino Uno R3, Arduino Nano were taught and one board per team was given during explanation.

In order to create enthusiasm, each team were given four controller boards and were asked to come up with an abstract of their project idea. Many turned up with great ideas and defended their ideas with the reasons. Two best ideas were chosen and were awarded with Arduino Nano board as a gift.

Post lunch session began with a live Demo of an IOT project for better understanding of  micro controllers,simultaneously  Eagle CAD tool was installed. ERC (electric rule check) was performed and errors were rectified in the schematics , Layout Editing and other features such as assembly variants, differential pair routing were taught Thus created layout was routed by the students and a. brd file was generated and also they were taught how to implement logical operations in Hardware using Eagle CAD.

Different Methods for Soldering and Hand Soldering SMT were explained with video examples. Video tutorials for Eagle CAD, videos of unboxing and explanation of various microcontrollers, video tutorials for creating a circuit board and assembling SMT on it was given and also design files of various micro controllers was given to all students who attended the workshop. The workshop was concluded with a questionnaire session wherein the participants got all their doubts cleared. We give an assurance of providing such platforms & benefits in the coming years also.