Project Summary 2014-2015

Embedded Systems
Image and Signal Processing
Networks / Wireless Sensor Networks
Communication Systems
Robotics / Biomedical/ Industrial Automation


S.NoWorkshop/Seminar/ FDP/ConferenceDateDetails of the ActivityFunding AgencyAmount ReceivedName of the Chief Guest & his/her Official Address
1FDP7.02.15Pedagogical Strategies for leadershipSelf Supporting-Experts from TCS, Chennai
2FDP25/06/14 to 01/07/14Anna University Sponsored FDTP on “Signals and Systems” at EECCFD-AURs.40,000Dr.Y.V.RamanaRao,Professor, ECE Department, Anna University , Chennai
3Workshop10/07/14 to 11/07/14Workshop on Analog And Digital IC Design Using Cadence Tools at EECSelf Supporting-Dr. Amitava Das Gupta, Professor,Electronics Department,IIT Madras.
4Workshop7 th – 11 th Jan 2014Lab-VIEW Basics Training CourseSelf SupportingExperts from VI Solutions
5Workshop1.3.14Basic Electronics and Explore RoboticsSelf SupportingAlumni of Easwari Lakshmanan (Mech 2011) Aswath (Mech 2012) Rajasekhar and Sanjushree (ECE2012
6Workshop6 th – 7 th Dec 2012Image Processing Framework using FPGASelf SupportingExperts from ENIXS Technologies
7Workshop2012Arduino - EyeIdiotsSelf SupportingDr.Atif Shah, ABE Technologies
8Workshop28 th Jan 2013Hands on Experience on Efficient Engineering ToolsSelf SupportingDr.S.Saraswathi Janaki Prof & Head /ECE and Ms.VIdhya.R
9Workshop11 th – 14 th Feb 2013Hands on Training on VLSI Design ToolsSelf SupportingM.E VLSI Students (2011-13 Batch)
10Workshop18 th – 19 th Mar, 2013Design and Development of RTOS based Embedded SystemsSelf SupportingDr.Atif Shah, ABE Technologies
11Workshop25 th – 26 th Apr, 2013Low Power Design and Verification using Cadence ToolSelf SupportingExperts from ENIXS Technologies
12Workshop17 th – 19 th Feb.2 nd and 3 rd Aug 2012Core 1 & 2 training programme on LabVIEWSelf SupportingMs.Vidhya.R, A.P/ECE,Mr.Sunil,NI, India
13Workshop22 nd – 23 rd Feb 2012Workshop on Android ApplicationSelf SupportingExperts from Progroup, IIT Guwahati
14Workshop24 th to 25 th Feb 2012Workshop on RoboticsSelf SupportingMr.Vibhore& Mr.Yogendra-Tech. Asst ROBO-OPUS, IIT New Delhi
15Workshop30 th to 31 st March 2012Workshop on system design using FPGA & ARMSelf SupportingMr.Thilak Raja/Marketing,Mr.Ramanathan/ Technical support ,Enixus Technologies
16Conference17 th April 20124 th National conference on VLSI communication & NetworkingSelf SupportingMr.T.S.Rangarajan, Chairman, IEEE, Madras section. Technical personnel from Mathematics
17FDP24 th – 30 th Nov 2011FDP on Speech ProcessingCFD-AURs.60,000Dr.Ebenezer,Dr.Nayamullah Khan,Professor , VIT, Chennai
18FDP24 th – 30 th Nov 2011FDP on Antenna & Wave propagation.CFD-AURs.60,000Dr.N.Gunasekaran,Principal,Prathyusha Engineering College, Chennai.
19Workshop19 th – 21 st Nov 2011Workshop on VLSI Design ToolsSelf SupportingMs.D.Jessintha, AP.Sl.Gr/ECE & Team
20Workshop3 hrs / week AY(2011-12)CCNA Training ProgrammeSelf SupportingMs.D.Vydeki, AP.Sr.Gr
21Conference25 th & 26 th March 20113 rd National conference on VLSI communication & NetworkingIEEE Madras sectionRs.50,000Dr.A.S.V.Sarma, Scientist G and Scientist Incharge, CEERI, Taramani
22SeminarMay 9 th -11 th 2011National Seminar on Acquisition, processing & optimization of Real Time signals, Images & VideosDRDORs.30,000Dr.L.R.Rajagopal, Mr.JatinVenkatesha (Entuple Technology), Mr.Sriker, NI, Dr.Bommanraaj
23Workshop25 th May to 2 nd June 2011Internship programme on LabVIEWSelf SupportingTrident tech Labs
24Workshop13 th – 15 st Nov 2011Workshop on VLSI Design ToolsSelf SupportingMs.Anita Titus, AP.Sl.Gr/ECE & Team
25WorkshopAugust 26 th & 27 th - 2010Workshop on IC workstationSelf SupportingMr. Srikar Talla CG Corel, Bangalore
26Workshop4 days per weekTraining Course on LabVIEW basicsSelf SupportingMs.R.Vidhya, AP(O.G)
27Workshop3 hrs / week AY(2010-11)CCNA Training ProgrammeSelf SupportingCCNA Training Programme